Our success springs from relentless pursuit of excellence in every event of our business.


We are dedicated in being committed to continuously upgrade our knowledge, experience & technology.


It aims to overcome the expectations in satisfying this holy purpose of reducing human sufferings. To promote and preserve good health, we will ceaselessly explore new avenues.


BELIEF in Best Policy practices, COMMITMENT towards the Principles, DEDICATION towards Quality, DETERMINATION for Success and Premises with well equipped INFRASTRUCTURE that is Technically & Technologically strong forms the core strength of J.S.LIFE SCIENCES.

STANDARDS: World Health Organization (W.H.O) GMP.

The standards at J.S.LIFE SCIENCES are in compliance with WHO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The R&D at J.S.LIFE SCIENCES reflects a well knit team which is not only strong in all the Policies of the company in consideration with practices but also very particular about each sensitive object of the most powerful TECHNOLOGY with zeal for innovations and invention.

Quality policy

The Quality Assurance Department at J.S.LIFE SCIENCES PVT.LTD. projects the Quality Policy, Procedures and Practices of the company in every aspect of Industry norms. Intense care is taken towards the effective & systematic implementations that ensure best Quality Assurance (QA) through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).